How to successfully pass an interview


Preparing for a job interview gives you the opportunity to gain an advantage over the other candidates for position. Good preparation demonstrates your motivation.

Collection of information:

Gather as much as possible information about the company, where you would like to work.

Be ready to demonstrate knowledge of the company business in which you have worked or are still working.

First impression

While preparing for the interview, dress in business style, avoid inducing accessories and make-up, and make sure that you have a neat appearance. Behave professionally during the interview.


Make sure you know the exact time and place of the interview. Your recruitment manager will tell you the name of the contact person in the company, and provide a map of the desired area as needed. When going to a job interview, calculate the travel time with sufficient margin in case of unforeseen delays. Please note that registration at the business center reception may take 5-10 minutes. 

We recommend:
We do not recommend:
  1. Come on time or earlier if possible
  2. Turn off your mobile phone
  3.  Politely introduce yourself
  4. Do not use business cards of companies in which you are no longer working
  5. Express your thoughts clearly
  6. Show how your experience can be useful for the company
  7. Ask questions about the company
  8. Demonstrate a willingness to learn and develop
  9. Be active, but not aggressive
  1. To be late
  2. To come to an interview unprepared
  3. To answer questions with “yes” and “no” - if possible, please explain each answer
  4. To provide incorrect information. Answer all questions honestly and openly
  5. Give the question about compensation too much attention. Do not discuss salary at the first interview; if your interviewer does not ask this question first; at this stage the main thing - get a job, salary negotiation can be postponed until the next time
  6. Speak negatively about previous employers
  7. Demonstrate lack of commitment in planning career